You’re so annoying

23 Feb

I find it funny how I’m expected to be concerned about your feelings when you have proved total disregard for mine.

I’ve done nothing to negatively affect your life, so please go away.  If your life sucks it’s probably because you suck. And lets face it, most of the boys in this town know that you do.

My only goal was to get you out of my life. But you’re like herpes — gross and impossible to get rid of.   Your attempts to gain sympathy are laughable. First of all, sympathy is about as useless as tits on a shopping cart.  Secondly, nobody likes a pity party unless there is free alcohol.  And trust me, they are only there for the free alcohol.  Lastly, don’t flatter yourself. Your personality is flat enough, among other things.  Maybe you should push that shopping cart around.  I see you’ve learned nothing. You still believe everything is about you. When in fact, nothing is about you. It’s all about me here in bitch land. It’s about my feelings and my thoughts. If you don’t like it, get to gettin’.  This bitch train is not getting derailed anytime soon.

I don’t choose topics because they are important to me.  I write what flows from my finger tips.  These things just so happen to fuel my fire. So think of yourself as Gasoline –but not in the sense that it’s a necessity in our lives. More like it is an overpriced pollutant that we strive to find an alternative for.

Just so we are clear, this post is about my dog, Paula Walk. Much like the truth, she’s a real bitch.

Bitch about it!

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