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It finally happened.

4 Apr

My partner in crime sent this to me.   Apparently the evil bitch has her own show.

The evil bitch has her own show.

The day has come, folks.   I finally managed to make the evil bitch a deleted scene in the movie I call life. And let me tell you, it feels like a brothel house has been lifted off my shoulders.

She still had some of my belongings and I had one of her bags. So, we needed to make a trade.  If she didn’t return my things I was going to have her ex boyfriend take a dump in her bag and leave it on her car with a note reading “here’s your shit back.”    I thought it fitting after all the shit she has given me.

We still have some mutual friends which is unfortunate.  But, that’s only because she is clinging to them like glitter to a stripper. I predict things getting better and better though.


Go away, Bitch.


I am the human, you are the robot.

20 Feb

This is going to be a short, spontaneous, i-really-want-to-punch-something-right-now, kind of post.

So, here I am visiting a few other blogs from various hosting sites and for the most part it’s not an issue to comment on blogspot with a wordpress ID.  But recently,  it’s been an hellacious experience. Every time I try to respond to a post I get one of those irritating ‘Prove that you are not a Robot by entering the image below.”  When they first started using this tactic to filter out unwanted visitors it wasn’t so bad.  But now it seems like these images are damn near impossible to read!  On the umpteenth attempt to get this dang letter/number combination, nonsense correct I am getting very close to my boiling point!

Robots are laughing at your inability to decipher this image.

What I see is: estisb alleg.

or is it: estisib aueg.

Well, the human race will never know because it only gives you one chance to get it right before changing it to some other neanderthal, top secret, classified rubbish.

My eye sight is fine. Your image is fucked. How about I stab you in the face to prove I am not a Robot?

The truth is, there is a problem when I waste even 5 minutes of my day trying to prove to a computer that I am a human.